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US Bitcoin Corp Secures Hosting Agreements for 150,000 Bitcoin Miners

US Bitcoin Corp Secures Hosting Agreements for 150,000 Bitcoin Miners

On Thursday, the bitcoin mining company U.S. Bitcoin Corp revealed the firm has successfully secured hosting agreements with five different companies to install 150,000 application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) bitcoin miners. The bitcoin mining machines will be hosted in data centers situated in Texas and Nebraska. The chosen sites for this endeavor are U.S. Bitcoin Corp’s Charlie, Delta, and Echo locations.

U.S. Bitcoin Corp Partners with Industry Leaders to Deploy 150,000 Bitcoin Miners in Texas and Nebraska

Despite the challenges faced during the crypto winter of 2022, a significant surge in bitcoin mining operations is now underway. On May 18, U.S. Bitcoin Corp (USBTC) unveiled its ambitious plan to unleash a formidable army of 150,000 mining machines. The latest deployment will be executed in collaboration with five prominent bitcoin mining operations: Marathon Digital, Foundry USA, Sphere 3D, Decimal Group, and Teslawatt.

USBTC sealed a multi-year deal to host their machines at the company’s Charlie, Delta, and Echo locations. The Charlie facility, nestled in Kearney, Nebraska, will be one of the hosting sites, while the Delta site is located in Granbury, Texas. Notably, the Echo mining site in Upton County, Texas, co-located with a wind farm, is a shared facility with joint ownership between USBTC and Nextera Energy (NEE). This partnership with NEE was solidified in December 2022 when USBTC acquired its stake from Compute North.

“Our most recent partnerships with major hosting customers showcase our commitment to collaborative growth and innovation,” Asher Genoot, the president of USBTC said in a statement. “We continue to expand operations across sites both fully owned by USBTC and operated in partnership with pioneering site owners like Generate Capital and Nextera Energy.”

Genoot added:

We are committed to driving the future of sustainable and efficient bitcoin mining infrastructure and our ability to secure major hosting contracts at these sites is a testament to this vision and our operating capabilities.

Following in the footsteps of others in the industry, USBTC joins a wave of mining companies deploying machines on a global scale. Notably, Cleanspark made headlines by acquiring 65,000 bitcoin miners from Bitmain, with the transactions occurring on two separate occasions in 2023.

Another significant move came from Stronghold Digital, who forged a strategic partnership with a subsidiary of the mining rig manufacturer Canaan. Stronghold’s collaboration aims to unleash the power of 400 petahash per second (PH/s) through the deployment of Avalon-made ASIC machines.

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