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Palau Declares First Phase of Stablecoin Pilot a Success

Palau Declares First Phase of Stablecoin Pilot a Success

The Republic of Palau has stated that the first phase of its limited stablecoin pilot was a success in a recently released report. The document also indicates that future phases of the project will focus on extending the reach of the stablecoin, with a high emphasis on compliance.

Palau Reports on First Phase of Stablecoin Pilot

The Republic of Palau has released a report summarizing the results of the first phase of its stablecoin pilot, highlighting the results and popularity of the palau stablecoin (PSC). The pilot, which launched in June 2023 with the involvement of 200 volunteers, used Ripple Ledger technology as a backbone for controlling wallet transactions.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) of Palau informed that more than 700 transactions were completed during this phase, with more than 400 being payments to retail merchants. The report states both participants and retailers had good experiences during the pilot and that PSC was positively received as a digital payment system, even after facing opposition from some government officials.

While there is no explicit mention of a second phase for the PSC pilot, the MOF stated that “the long-term objective is to implement PSC nationally as a convenient and cost-effective way of payment,” hinting at the continuation of the project in the short term.

For this objective, the pilot will aim to improve its reach, allowing more financial institutions, retail businesses, and individuals to participate in the payments network. The report also calls for the organization of educational campaigns to show the general public the benefits of using this digital cash alternative.

Further, the MOF declares that subsequent phases of the pilot will focus on compliance, given that the PSC is a dollar-pegged digitized token, and Palau needs to “establish a legal
framework that ensures the security and transparency of transactions within the stablecoin network, promoting trust and reliability in this innovative payment system.”

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