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New Browser-Based RPG Portal Fantasy to Be Released on the Blockchain

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The studio to prioritize a play-to-earn model to draw in players.

A brand new studio comprised of both gaming and crypto veterans is announcing the upcoming release of their new project Portal Fantasy. The game is a browser-based pixel RPG set on the Avalanche chain. The developers are keen on crafting a player-focused experience with a heavy emphasis on community-generated content. The team is hoping that the replayability and monetization potential of Portal Fantasy become the cornerstones of what sets the game apart from what is an already overcrowded space.

The game’s economy will revolve around the Portal Fantasy Token (PFT). Once released on AVAX, the token supply will be capped at 1 billion PFT. Players can use the token to unlock access to clubs and exclusive rewards and cosmetics. The cost of entry to Portal Fantasy will be $0, as the developers want to create a trustworthy and welcoming space for the user base. Players can voluntarily connect their wallets at a later time to enjoy the P2E benefits of the game.

Portal Fantasy features two different playstyles; Heroes and Architects. Both branches are open to players at the start of the game and offer very unique experiences that supplement the game’s replayability As Heroes, players can explore a variety of worlds via portals, completing quests and earning rewards. As Architects, players can create unique new worlds that other Heroes can explore, and earn rewards when their creations are used by other players.

Since the inception of the project, Portal Fantasy has garnered multiple high-profile seeders and backers from all corners of the gaming and crypto industries. Makers Fund, Blizzard Fund, Ava Labs, YGG SEA, Avalaunch, GFR Fund, Infinity Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, and Keychain Capital are some of the major investors who trust the developers to deliver a high-quality video game that puts player satisfaction on the forefront.

About the Developer

The minds behind Portal Fantasy are made up of a repertoire of individuals from various industries. The game lead boasts over a decade of experience at Ubisoft and Haemimont Games. The studio founders are quant developers, with over 10 years of programming experience.

With a pool of skilled individuals working tirelessly to bring about a title that would rejuvenate the Blockchain gaming space, Portal Fantasy has a lot to accomplish; and there’s no doubt that it will.

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