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MicroStrategy Seeks to Deliver Bitcoin Wallet, Lightning Address to Corporate Account Holders

Business intelligence company MicroStrategy is doubling down efforts on bringing Bitcoin layer 2 scaling solution – Lightning Network – capabilities this year.

Its executive chairman Michael Saylor shared an update notifying that the company is working on a product aimed at delivering a Bitcoin wallet and Lightning address to every corporate account holder.

  • The main intention behind the move is to enable quick and easy development as well as deployment of Bitcoin rewards applications to employees, customers, prospects, and partners.
  • The Lightning Network is a layer-2 payment protocol layered on top of Bitcoin’s blockchain that enables off-chain transactions, ramping up payment throughput, and reducing transaction fees.
  • Reports suggest that LN adoption has been picking up speed in emerging markets such as South America and Africa, which can be attributed to efforts of the Bitcoin payment company and wallet provider Strike.
  • Back in December, Saylor shared that MicroStrategy is exploring software and solutions that leverage LN, including solutions that support enterprise marketing in addition to a cybersecurity solution aimed at corporate websites.
  • The 58-year-old billionaire also announced integrating Bitcoin’s Lightning Network into his corporate email address in April this year. This means that anyone can send BTC to Saylor using his company email address as an identifier.
  • Besides focusing on LN, MicroStrategy has continued its Bitcoin purchase, making it the largest corporate holder of the flagship crypto-asset.
  • According to data compiled by Bitcoin Treasuries, MicroStrategy currently owns 140,000 BTC, purchasing more portions of the asset througout all previous 11 quarters.

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