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MASQ the Web3 Decentralized Private Browser Powered by Polygon

Here is a very interesting privacy-oriented crypto project that is currently in the works called MASQ, and it is not only a new browser that you might soon find yourself using, but a whole privacy-oriented network with a lot of potential. The MASQ web3 privacy browser operates on top of the core MASQ Node software, to allow users to experience the benefits of the mesh network privacy, while delivering the normal comforts of a typical browser – but without the bloatware, trackers, useless extensions and user analytics and most of all making everything work easy and effortless for the user.

The users are integral to supporting the network – by choosing to share their bandwidth (it is optional) they support the privacy routing for other users and earn $MASQ utility tokens respectively from peer requests across the MASQ Network. MASQ is built on Ethereum (ETH), and used with Polygon for cheap and fast transactions, the MASQ token (ERC20 token) is earned when you serve megabytes of data to other users of the platform, and spent whenever you consume data. MASQ is chain-agnostic, meaning it can in theory be expanded to use any blockchain for transactions.

Whenever a request for data is sent MASQ sends the request to someone in your immediate vicinity called Neighbourhood, your request takes a random route across the network, encrypted as a CORES package and gets routed across 3+ hops, then an exit node fetches the required content – relay nodes are paid for routing, and exit nodes are paid even more for fetching the content. So, the MASQ Network essentially allows users across the globe to interact securely across their internet connections – creating a dMeshVPN (decentralized Mesh VPN).

Do note that currently MASQ has a working desktop app that is in Beta testnet, about to open Public Beta launch groups in Q3 2022. Beta users are apparently able to access all the core features of the software, and share feedback for further improvements, and feature requests. We have applied for beta testing the MASQ browser, but are yet to actually give it a try, so unfortunately at this time we cannot share personal experience with the software, but it does look really promising for sure.

The total supply of the MASQ token is 37.5 Million with circulating supply according to CoinMarketCap at around 25.5 Million currently and the price of a single MSAQ is around $0.18 USD at the moment with the project still largely not talked about a lot… due to still being in beta and the browser not yet available to users. The total market capitalization of the project at the moment is about $4.7 Million USD according to the available data, so there is significant room for growth, especially when the browser comes out of beta. The only CEX exchange that currently has MASQ listed for trading is ProBit Global, but you can also use multiple DEXes to trade the token as well – SushiSwap, QuickSwap, OpenOcean if you are interested in obtaining some MASQ tokens now.

For more information about the MASQ Network and their Privacy Browser project…

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