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From $10,000 to $24 Million: 909 ‘Sleeping Bitcoins’ From 2012 Stir After 11 Years

From $10,000 to $24 Million: 909 'Sleeping Bitcoins' From 2012 Stir After 11 Years

According to records, a batch of five transactions from “sleeping bitcoin” addresses, established more than 11 years ago in 2012, transferred 909.89 BTC valued at $24.88 million. The value of the whale’s cache of bitcoin when it was acquired was less than $10,000.

The 11-Year Slumber: $24.88M in Bitcoin Emerges From 2012 Wallets

Another set of vintage bitcoins from 2012 was transferred for the first time in more than 11 years. This means a total of nine 2012 so-called “sleeping bitcoin” transactions have now occurred in 2023. While we can’t officially determine if the owner was a single entity, clustering heuristics and the acquisition dates suggest it’s likely a single owner movement. The first transaction moved 199.99 BTC from the address “1NmFy,” confirmed at block height 808,207. This particular transaction employed minimal privacy techniques.

The batch of 199.99 BTC was secured on February 14, 2012. The second transaction involved 185.12 BTC, which was also acquired on February 14, 2012. Funds from the address “1DV45” were sent using minimal privacy techniques, as per Blockchair’s privacy analysis. The funds from “1DV45” were confirmed three blocks later than the first transaction, at block height 808,210.

The third set of transferred bitcoins was secured on July 12, 2012, when BTC traded at $7.15 per coin. It originated from the address “1BXuj,” sending 97.41 BTC, confirmed at block height 808,212. The fourth batch of BTC, from “19UrN” created on March 6, 2012, transferred 276.22 BTC, confirmed at block height 808,213. The fifth and final transaction from the 2012 wallet, “1BBvb,” moved 151.15 BTC. The wallet was created on July 20, 2012.

All five transactions were detected by’s blockchain tool, “btcparser1.” This tool was designed specifically to monitor the activity of sleeping bitcoin addresses. It continuously observes the blockchain for activity associated with 64,529 such bitcoin addresses. In 2023, with nine transactions from 2012, vintage bitcoin holders transferring funds from that year moved a combined total of 4,610.86 BTC valued at $126.12 million.

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