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DPAT Allows Investments in the Growing African Economies

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Although Asia, North America, and Europe have been at the forefront of innovation for the past several years and especially crypto adoption, more recent reports suggest that numerous countries in Africa, such as Nigeria, have opted on the digital asset bandwagon.

While the reasons could vary from a lack of basic financial services to devaluating local currencies, crypto adoption in the region continues to flourish.

Investments in African states are also on the rise, and there’s a new kid on the block that could facilitate them in a simplified and secured way – Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT).

What You Need to Know About DPAT

The token allows people to invest in African real estate and infrastructure projects in large cities like Cape Town in South Africa or Accra in Ghana. The protocol behind it disperses governance and ownership to users, allowing them to vote on the types of constructions in the cities, who performs them, and where they are situated.

Essentially, DPAT connects investors looking for lucrative opportunities with the growing economies in Africa that need funding to execute their projects. Investors could also get tax advantages or other cost-saving procedures related to trading offshore assets. Being based on blockchain tech, the protocol promises transparent, safe, and immutable transactions.

DPAT holders will also be able to benefit from certain incentives like deposit bonuses, transaction fee discounts, VIP city trips and safari, as well as governance membership.

Those who want to invest can do so for as little as $5 and will be able to see all available projects on the DPAT marketplace. Some examples of such projects include building new communities with secure family homes or more ambitious ones such as creating solar-powered microgrids for electricity.

About Token and Project

The team behind the project promises to strengthen the DPAT brand and price by collaborating with established builders and local developers. The smart contract audit was completed by SolidProof, while the KYC processes were finished with Coinsult.

For more information, visit: The Website

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