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Defense Distributed Unveils ‘Gatgpt’ – Championing the Digital Second Amendment and AI Freedom

Defense Distributed Unveils 'Gatgpt' - Championing the Digital Second Amendment and AI Freedom

As artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) continue to gain prominence, the organization Defense Distributed has unveiled an experimental LLM-based agent named “Gatgpt.” The platform is being referred to as “The Digital Second Amendment,” and the LLM is trained on a combination of open-source and proprietary firearms files, texts, and datasets.

Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed Steps Into Generative AI

Cody Wilson and his organization, Defense Distributed (DD), are well-known for advocating fundamental privacy rights and the right to bear arms. Wilson is also the co-creator of the now-defunct bitcoin (BTC) wallet, Dark Wallet, and the inventor of the first functional 3D-printed firearm, known as the Liberator. Now, Wilson and DD are entering the era of AI with a generative chatbot project called “Gatgpt,” an LLM that enhances open-source gun datasets in support of “the interests of American riflemen.”

The Digital Second Amendment” document hosted on the website explains that current “AI journalism is uniformly produced in assistance of the narrative that the public requires regulation in advance of a national security event or, as is more fashionable, because the public cannot be trusted to live online with its own information interests.” The missive opines that American journalism is now simply an extension of the government. DD’s new generative chatbot aims to combat the propagandized narratives.

The firm details:

Defense Distributed, in releasing Gatgpt, declares a Digital Second Amendment. Americans must have access to compute, databases, and AI models, the newest weapons of the digital age, not just to defend ourselves against corporate and government depredations, but to defend our civic identity and humanity.

Currently, Gatgpt is in private beta, and users will receive invitations to test the model. Beta testers are selected to provide feedback on Gatgpt’s responses. Through collaboration with beta testers and DD’s partners, the organization aims to create “the Internet’s best, unbiased public resource for firearms information.” Beta testers are required to pay a $5 upfront fee to access the platform, and DD plans to introduce a monthly subscription service in the future.

The website states that Gatgpt was “built by expert engineers, scholars, and activists” and trained on “datasets disputed by private and government agencies.” Furthermore, DD’s Digital Second Amendment argues that AI regulation infringes upon the rights of Americans.

“AI regulation is an open and official provocation against the Liberty and Sovereignty of American citizens,” the declaration says. “All who advocate for it are domestic enemies of the Constitution and must be absolutely opposed. The right of the people to keep and deploy models shall not be infringed.”

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