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CoinEx Launches Auto-Invest Plan to Help Prudent Investors and Beginners Invest in Crypto With Ease

PRESS RELEASE. Crypto investors have access to a wide range of investment methods, including short-term and long-term trading, wealth management, and auto-invest, among others. As investors differ from each other in terms of risk appetite and expected return, it’s crucial to identify an investment strategy that suits one’s unique circumstances. For crypto beginners or prudent investors, “lazy” investment strategies such as auto-invest are always a good choice.

So, what is auto-invest?

Auto-invest is a process of automatically investing a fixed amount of money with regular cycles. This investment strategy consists of two key components: fixed cycles and fixed amounts. The former means that investments are made at fixed intervals, while the latter represents the sum of money used to purchase the investment target every time is predefined. Many auto-invest methods are available, and the simplest one involves users investing a fixed amount of money at fixed intervals. When employing this approach, investors should define three parameters: the investment price, the investment time, and the amount for each investment. To be more specific, the investment price helps investors control the risks of a crypto project, and investors set different investment prices based on their own risk appetites and expectations.

Overall, auto-invest is a defensive investment strategy that particularly suits prudent investors and crypto beginners. Since crypto exchanges differ in terms of crypto prices and the calculation of returns, auto-invest might be a better choice for beginner investors looking to invest in a crypto project over the long term.

For prudent investors, buying cryptos at regular intervals diversifies the cost, as auto-invest features multiple entry/exit points. From the perspective of long-term investment, auto-invest lowers investment costs, spreads risks, and saves investors analyzing entry points or purchase prices. Furthermore, with auto-invest, investors no longer have to adjust their long-term investment plans due to short-term market swings.

In February 2023, CoinEx, a world-renowned crypto exchange, introduced a new feature called Auto-Invest Plan, helping its users invest in crypto with greater ease.

Aiming to make crypto investment easier, CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan is a crypto trading strategy that helps users automatically accumulate cryptos via pre-set investment and recurring cycles. The most prominent feature of the new function is that users can easily choose the right trading strategy and earn profits by making regular crypto investments with predefined amounts and cycles, without having to worry about the specific timing.

Furthermore, CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan comes with two highlights:

First, with easy-to-use procedures, CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan is designed to help users buy crypto via automatic investment plans using idle funds. With the new feature, CoinEx users only have to enter the amount and cycle, without having to worry about the specific timing. As such, CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan enables investors to diversify costs and spread risks and to accumulate assets regularly.

Second, CoinEx Auto-Invest Plan features easy operations. On CoinEx, users just have to create a plan and set the relevant parameters, and investments will be made automatically according to the predefined amounts and cycles, which minimizes manual operations.

So, how can we create an Auto-Invest Plan on CoinEx?

1.Visit CoinEx’s official website (, log in to your account, and select [Strategic Trading] under [Finance] in the top navigation bar;

  1. Find [Auto-Invest Plan] on the [Strategy Trading] webpage, and click on [Create Strategy];

3.Select the market, and set the [Recurring Cycle], [Repeats on local time], [Investment per Cycle], and other parameters to create a strategy. An Auto-Invest Plan will be created upon clicking [Create]-[Confirm].

On CoinEx, investors can create an Auto-Invest Plan in three simple steps. According to the exchange’s official website, CoinEx allows users to create multiple trading strategies, including the Auto-Invest Plan and spot grid, and each CoinEx user can create up to 20 effective (including suspended) strategies.

CoinEx Auto-Invest now features 10 markets, i.e. BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, SOL/USDT, ATOM/USDT, MATIC/USDT, FTM/USDT, XRP/USDT, ADA/USDT, DOGE/USDT, and SHIB/USDT, with more new markets to be added. Moreover, according to its official announcement, the exchange is preparing for the launch of Spot Grid, an exciting function for crypto investors.

Disclaimer: The article offers no financial advice; investors should rely on their own insights when investing in crypto.




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