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Coinbase-Backed Base Awaits Optimism’s Bedrock Upgrade Before Mainnet Launch

Coinbase-incubated Base is gearing up for a mainnet launch as the Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem heats up. Path to Base mainnet includes a certain set of objectives to be met. The official timeline for the mainnet launch has not been revealed yet, but Optimism’s upcoming Bedrock upgrade remains a crucial factor.

Base Mainnet

The Base testnet, which is based on a roll-up agnostic superchain powered by Optimism, has been running since February this year, during which it focused on aspects such as auditing the OP Stack and Base infrastructure to increase platform security, as well as load testing the infrastructure to ensure ot can support scale.

“We’ve been building towards Mainnet Genesis, the first step of delivering a decentralized platform that scales Ethereum with fast, low-cost and secure transactions.”

While Base is currently being incubated by Coinbase, the end goal for it is to become fully decentralized. Mainnet Genesis is the first step towards achieving the same, the latest blog post announced. So far, Base has reported the completion of the Regolith hard fork on the testnet. An infrastructure review with the OP Labs team has also been conducted.

Base is now anticipating a successful upgrade of Optimism’s Bedrock in addition to the completion of reviews. Moving forward, the layer 2 platform said that it will work towards completing its protocol audits with no critical issues as well as maintaining testnet stability.

Bedrock Upgrade

The popular layer-2 blockchain, Optimism, had recently announced that the long-awaited Bedrock upgrade is slated for June 6th and will require 2-4 hours of downtime for OP Mainnet.

The main aim of the upgrade is to significantly cut down on transaction fees, improve network security, and enhance compatibility with Ethereum, thereby paving a new era of efficiency and functionality for the Optimism network as it faces stiff competition from other layer 2 networks.

It also represents the first network upgrade to receive a green light from the Optimism governance council’s Token House.

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