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Axie Infinity’s Stats Slump: A Play-to-Earn Reality Check

Axie Infinity's Stats Slump: A Play-to-Earn Reality Check

Axie Infinity ranks among the largest blockchain-driven play-to-earn games ever. However, its luster has dimmed considerably from its January 2022 peak. Then, a robust 2.78 million average monthly players flocked to the game. Yet, today’s count stands at a mere 359,254 average monthly participants, translating to a dramatic decline of over 87%.

Axie Infinity’s Dramatic 87% Decline in Average Monthly Users

The play-to-earn blockchain game, Axie Infinity, experienced a notable decrease in its average monthly users since January 2022. At that time, Axie Infinity attracted an average of 2.78 million monthly users. By June 2022, this number fell to 958,044.

The next month saw a decrease of roughly 191,240 users, leaving about 766,804 monthly users in July 2022. Since February 2023, Axie hasn’t surpassed the 400,000 mark nor dipped below 340,000, according to figures.

The game, which uses non-fungible token (NFT) technology, was first introduced on the Ethereum blockchain. To expand, Sky Mavis, the game’s developers, developed a layer two (L2) chain named Ronin. The rollout of Ronin finished in February 2021, and by April of the same year, all Axie NFTs transitioned from Ethereum to Ronin.

Even with a decrease in monthly users, Axie has logged $4.28 billion in NFT sales over 20.32 million transactions. However, figures from indicate that the total value locked (TVL) on Ronin has seen a significant decline. On December 3, 2021, Ronin’s TVL peaked at $1.487 billion, but it has since fallen to $61 million.

The project’s native cryptocurrencies, axie infinity (AXS) and smooth love potion (SLP), have declined 97.13% to 99.65% from their record highs. In the last month, AXS decreased 1.3%, but it rose 4% in the past week. Meanwhile, SLP fell 2.2% over 30 days compared with the U.S. dollar. SLP ranks 351 among more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies, while AXS holds the 61st position on September 16, 2023.

More than 99% of AXS investors have faced losses since the game’s currency introduction. Axie’s unique active wallet count isn’t faring much better, with a decline of over 14% in the past 30 days. This month’s transaction count is down 6.53% from the previous month.

With a volume decrease of more than 43%, the project’s numbers look bleak. Although 359,254 monthly players is notable, Call of Duty’s mobile game tallied nearly 57.9 million players in August. This indicates Call of Duty had about 161.3 times more monthly active users than Axie.

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