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Another Crypto Influencer Reportedly Dumped HODL Coin on Followers

ZachXBT has accused several influencers of engaging in pump-and-dump scams and profiting from the misery of others. This time, the on-chain sleuth has targetted yet another figure who goes by the name ‘DannyCrypt,’ for allegedly dumping on his followers.

The crypto influencer in question was accused of receiving 2% of the supply of a certain token to assist with marketing. However, 15 minutes after receiving the tokens, he allegedly dumped the majority of them for $57k (31 ETH) to his unsuspecting followers.

  • According to the Twitter thread by ZackXBT, DannyCrypt was actively promoting a new coin called “HODL” on social media and tweeted about “hodling” its tokens.
  • He is accused of telling his 26K Telegram channel subscribers that he believes the token’s price to have “stabilized,” but immediately after which he sold his stash.
  • DannyCrypt’s tweet that appears to address ZackXBT’s claims read,

“Team is not angry that I sold but cos they all couldn’t sell before me after keeping over 70% of the presale Whitelist for themselves. Same thing they do with NFT projects. That being said if you come for me, I’ll block you, go and cry on your timeline.”

  • ZachXBT continued to maintain that DannyCrypt “made a post-playing victim” and even untagged himself from the post in an attempt to distance himself from the claims. The influencer subsequently blocked him.
  • Last September, ZackXBT accused popular crypto influencer Lark Davis of profiting over $1 million while promoting low-cap crypto projects and dumping them on his followers. The latter had dismissed the allegations.
  • Youtuber and influencer Ben Armstrong, a.k.a BitBoy, was also accused of carrying out at least seven scams of shilling and dumping.

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